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Our Team

The Beavers Building team combines expert craftsmanship and passion for woodworking with motivated, driven personalities to provide every customer with products of the utmost quality. Clients can rely on these craftsmen to deliver not only quality products, but quality care. The Beavers team is highly motivated, and takes great pride in taking on new challenges requiring new woodworking designs and ingenuity.

Jesse Pigeau

Jesse Pigeau | Co-Owner

Jesse, a loving family man, has been in the stair industry since 2005. Soon after starting, he realized that his passion for woodworking would be life long. By collecting his tools and building his own small shop over the years, Jesse mastered his craft. His dream, to build quality stairs and beautiful pieces of decorative, functional furniture is now a reality. His dedication to his work and customer satisfaction have made his family proud.

Josh Toonders | Co-Owner

Josh grew up in a large, hard working family. His father, a cabinetmaker and contractor by trade, passed his passion for woodworking onto his son. Josh started working in the stair and railing industry in 2007, but has had the woodworking itch for as long as he can remember. Driven by customer satisfaction, Josh aims to provide his clients with quality work that he is proud to call his own.

Josh Toonders
Roscoe the Guard Dog

Roscoe | Guard Dog

Roscoe has been around a wood shop since Jesse brought him home in 2013. Roscoe has learned how to collect dust in his thick coat, provide therapy in times of need, skillfully collect fallen food. Roscoe's mission statement for his current position as security detail is; be the guard dog, but first and fore most, be everyones best friend.

Oscar | Shop Cat

Jesse and Josh were worried about the mice in their shop so when I was looking for a new home they welcomed me with open arms.

I spend most of my day stealing some affection from the guys. The big dog doesn't like that too much but we get along pretty good.

Oscar the Shop Cat

Our Business Partners

And-Rod Contracting
Fischer Renovation & Design
Robert Thompson Contracting
BTE Renovations & Woodworking
BTE Renovations & Woodworking
BTE Renovations & Woodworking

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